Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Recent Suicide Epidemic - An Addendum

It has come to our attention that our previous post contained some unsubstantiated information. Alec Henriksen was an ally for gay rights, however not gay himself, according to a commenter.

We celebrate the lives of all of those who show their support for gay rights, especially those of our faith. It is a tragedy, nonetheless, that such a voice was lost in our community.

We apologize for any undue grief our post caused.

The same lessons remain: watch out for one another, MoHos and allies alike; know that you are all valued even if your family or others might make you feel otherwise; reach out to someone in their darkest moments and yours.

Together, no one is alone.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Feature: Friends, Family and Supporters

We are launching our first MoHo Map update today which now makes it possible for the incredibly supportive people in our lives to be included on the map as well.

These dear friends, family members and other supporters play such an important role in our lives. By opening up their hearts and homes in times of need they provide the pillars of strength we often need to carry on.

To all the supporters out there, thank you for being so open-minded and heartfelt. We love you!

Please feel free to head to the "How to Join" tab so we can get you on the map as soon as we can. Supporters will have little yellow icons.

We have already had a few supporters want to be listed, but if you could help spread the word, that would be fantastic.

We have more features on their way, so stay tuned!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Quick Statistics...

I thought I’d do a quick statistical rundown for you on the map, which launched about ten days ago.

- Countries Represented: 3 (Canada, the US, and Indonesia).
- States Represented: 16.5 (DC counts as half a state, right?)
- MoHos by state: UT, 17; CA, 4; OR, WA, TX, & MD, 2
- MoHos on the Map: 43
- Ratio of Men to Women: 41 to 2

Thanks go out to those of you who have passed the word along to non-bloggers on Facebook and such for nearly doubling the pins on the map in such a short amount of time.

Please let us know how we can turn this site into a more useful and welcoming resource (including allies, student groups, gay blogs of other faiths, etc.) Many of these user-suggested features are on their way!

Monday, June 28, 2010


Welcome to, a new website designed to address the needs of MoHos (gay Mormons).

The main feature of this site is an interactive map created to get us past the hugest fallacy all of us have faced at one point or another: "You are alone."

The truth of the matter is there are thousands of MoHos out there. The mission of this website is to make sure that every LGBT Mormon who encounters this site will know that he/she has brothers and sisters across the country and around the world.

At launch, twenty-five MoHos from Portland to Pittsburgh have volunteered their locations and other information, and we encourage anyone who’d like to enhance this sense of community to follow the directions under the "How to Join" tab. Participants can share as much or as little
information as they’d like.

Though the initial scope of this site is small, we see many possibilities for this site. One might use it to form a network of friends within your region, seek out men and women with similar stances on the issues we face, organize events, and share help not otherwise offered through the sites listed on our "Resources" page.

Everyone is invited to contribute: active or excommunicated, doubtful or decided, Elders Quorum President or agnostic.

Feel free to contact us at and with any questions and/or suggestions.


Horizon and GMB