Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Some Quick Statistics...

I thought I’d do a quick statistical rundown for you on the map, which launched about ten days ago.

- Countries Represented: 3 (Canada, the US, and Indonesia).
- States Represented: 16.5 (DC counts as half a state, right?)
- MoHos by state: UT, 17; CA, 4; OR, WA, TX, & MD, 2
- MoHos on the Map: 43
- Ratio of Men to Women: 41 to 2

Thanks go out to those of you who have passed the word along to non-bloggers on Facebook and such for nearly doubling the pins on the map in such a short amount of time.

Please let us know how we can turn this site into a more useful and welcoming resource (including allies, student groups, gay blogs of other faiths, etc.) Many of these user-suggested features are on their way!


  1. You mentioned in the original post that this site might be used to organize events. How would one go about doing this? I just received "8: The Mormon Proposition" and would love to organize a viewing party for it. How can I use the MoHo Map to help me with this?

  2. Is there a way to highlight pins easier to find out where people live? For example, when I highlight pins in the Western US, I keep pulling up the same individual and am unable to pull up different people. Or, am I doing something wrong that could be fixed with a quick instruction?

    Thank you for ALL your work, GMB and Horizon, in our behalf. That was very terrific of you. :)

    Happy night!

  3. I meant to include that when the pins are very close together, such as in Utah where they are stacked right behind each other, it is difficult to pull up other people's locations because the first pin is the only info I am able to retrieve.

  4. Thanks to GMB and Horizon. You are so nice by zooming out the map just make sure my pin can be seen in the default view. I really appreciate it.

    @this blog author: you can zoom in the map, thus the pins will be "separated" and you can choose easier.

    Joned ^_^

  5. Thank you, Joned, for the info! That is wonderful!

    Happy day in Indonesia. :)

  6. Ok, the only two girls I see on the map are me and Reina. Who is the third???

  7. Oops, Mme. Curie. Miscounted. We need recruits....

  8. The ratio of men to women is 41 to 2? Where are all of the Mormon and Exmormon lesbians? What is going on here?

    I came here tonight to feel less alone in the world and now I feel more alone. I would love to find some exmormon lesbians to relate to. I'm just trying to understand this statistic. This is nowhere near what the ratio is outside of the Mormon world, so why is this so for the MoHo directory?

  9. Hi, Eve. I'll admit I'm partially at fault here. The two map creators, I and Horizon, are both gay, so our contacts skew that direction as is.

    As this map is voluntary and I don't send out many requests for people to join, we run into another problem. The trend of initial growth among lesbians sputtered out after the few that I knew joined.

    Kiley volunteered further contact information if you'd like it.

    In addition to Kiley, Amy, and Mme. Curie, I also recommend these blogs that aren't affiliated with the map (at least not yet): (active in the church)